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A few of our happy customers :)


"Incorporating My Passion"

The Whole Orange is an extremely talented and professional design company. They were able to review my resume and give me creative options. We communicated via email and the response was always quick. Orange Resume was open to ideas and suggestions. The end result was a resume that captured who I am in a cool and unique way; incorporating my passion for music while maintaining a focus on my business skills”  


- Jeff

Design Used

"Original Layout & Personal Touch"

"Though not employed in a design or marketing field, I felt compelled to set my curriculum apart from the other stack of resumes on my potential future employer's desk. Orange Resume really came through with a custom design that I felt was tailored to my professional persona. It's a dog eat dog world in the job market today and setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack is essential to obtaining your goals. With it’s innovative styling and design, my orange resume highlighted my skills achievements with an unique layout and a personal touch. I found it was always a topic of discussion during my interviews. Not only do I think it helped me schedule more interviews but, ultimately, it allowed me to choose my future employer instead of vice versa."

- Jon

Design Used

"I had the Perfect Stand-Out Resume"

"In order to graduate from Cal-State Fullerton I was required to take an internship in my field. After attending numerous resume workshops, as well as getting suggestions and edits from the universities career center, I thought I had the perfect “stand out” resume. I sent my resume out to numerous businesses, but with little success. I got the feeling that my resume, though up to par with industry standards, was getting lost in the shuffle with thousands of other resumes. I stumbled across The Whole Orange one day while surfing the web. It was the solution to my resume problem."

- Kaitlin

Design Used

"Every Manager was Impressed"

"Thank You so much Whole Orange!  With the server resume you created for me I had the luxury of a handful of companies to choose from! Every manager I interviewed with was impressed with 'my' creativity and outside the box thinking.  ;)  They had never seen a resume like this one before and that made me stand out to them.  I believe your resume alone got me many 2nd interviews.  Too bad you guys couldn't interview for me.  I would be willing to pay double what I did for the results I received."


- Matthew

Design Used

"Create a GREAT First Impression"

"In this day and age people need a resume that will represent them as a person, making them stand out in this viral job market, and The Whole Orange did that for me. My resume not only had personality and flow, but it looked like nothing my interviewers had seen before. They make it really easy for you too. You just answer their questions and they do the rest, giving you an awesome, original design. Thanks to The Whole Orange I was able to create a great first impression, setting my resume apart from the masses with that sometimes elusive "wow factor", helping me get my foot in the door to meet face-to-face. I recommend this site to any of my friends seeking employment."


- Paige

Design Used

"Needed an Edge Over the Competition"

"In the world of business it is difficult to stand out amongst the crowd, especially in a tough economy.  I tried my best to create an impressive resume, but it still seemed to blend in with the masses.  That is when I decided I needed an edge over the competition - The Whole Orange delivered on that promise."


- Jeff

Design Used

Design Used

Not sure if you remember me but I must of been one of the earlier resumes you did back in the Orange Resume days. We worked on a resume designed to replicate a Facebook page.You wouldn't believe how many interviews I went to in which the interviewer said, "this is the reason you're sitting right here (pointing to the resume)." Now I sit on the other side of the interview table and what I wouldn't give to see a little life and personality injected into a resume or two!”  


- Ed

"Now I Sit On the Other Side of the Interview Table"

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