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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common answers to our most common questions.

"What is a Creative Resume and why do I need one?"

A creative resume uses design to capture the attention of the reader. These designs may include color, photos, angles, and typography to achieve their goal. Marketing professionals who have worked in the industry for several years have designed all of our resumes.
It’s a competitive world out there and the standard resume blends in with the crowd. Creative resumes are a great way to show some personality and experience. 

"Will my resume be editable?"

Yes. How you edit your resume will depend on which resume type you ordered. All of our "Template Resumes" are editable in Microsoft Word, while our "Custom Resumes" will be editable in Photoshop or Illustrator.

"What if my resume isn't taken seriously by my employer?"

Many wonder if a creative resume will be taken "seriously" when handed to an employer, and the answer will depend on the company. Our resumes have worked to get people jobs in banking, accounting, graphic design, medicine, sales, and even the Minnesota Vikings. As an applicant you will have to judge your industry and what they're looking for.

Check out our testimonials to hear from happy customers.

"How much is this going to cost me?"

Template Designs: All template resumes are at a fixed rate of $14.99.


Custom Designs: All custom designs are created from scratch and specific to each applicant/industry. The price will depend on the needs of the individual. There will never be any surprises; every applicant will receive a quote before starting the design process.



"What if I need my resume to be mulitple pages?"

All of our templates are currently one page, However, we have two suggestions for multiple pages resumes:


1) Use the Template Resume design as a cover page with the most important information on the design and follow up info on a back with traditional blank pages.


2) Before adding any information hit "Select All" (location may vary depending on which version of Word you have) and start a new blank page. Hit Copy and Paste. This will duplicate the resume design and you can fill in the rest of your information in.



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