Studies show you have six seconds to impress an employer with your resume before ending up in the "NO PILE."

Creative Resumes

Edit Your Resume in Microsoft Word

Download any of our creative resume templates and edit the content using Microsoft Word. Easily make our templates yours by adding photos, updating content, and changing colors.

Why a Creative Resume?


Employers sort through piles of resumes trying to find the perfect fit for their company. Don't be afraid to show some personality and creative thinking when making a first impression.


"Now I Sit On the Other Side of the Interview Table"

Not sure if you remember me but I must of been one of the earlier resumes you did back in the Orange Resume days. We worked on a resume designed to replicate a Facebook page.You wouldn't believe how many interviews I went to in which the interviewer said, "this is the reason you're sitting right here (pointing to the resume)." Now I sit on the other side of the interview table and what I wouldn't give to see a little life and personality injected into a resume or two!”  


- Ed

"It was so easy to edit my template in Microsoft Word."

"In this day and age people need a resume that will represent them as a person, making them stand out in this viral job market, and Orange Resume did that for me. My resume not only had personality and flow, but it looked like nothing my interviewers had seen before. They make it really easy for you too. You just answer their questions and they do the rest, giving you an awesome, original design. Thanks to Orange Resume I was able to create a great first impression, setting my resume apart from the masses with that sometimes elusive "wow factor", helping me get my foot in the door to meet face-to-face. I recommend this site to any of my friends seeking employment."

- Paige

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